Blood problems,Vertigo,Fatigue,Sleep (Nina)
Pregnancy (Khun Arr Kongtoon)
Blood problems (Khun Apinya)
Allergy,Excretory System/ Poo (Miss Jiarien)
Allergy (Miss Jassy)
Heart,Liver (Khun Ban)
Bone (Khun Sudjai Bpiasupong)
Allergy (Khun Piyada Kongkaew)
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See and be happy Bright and strong children. Papang, Maqui Plus children. With stories from Grandma. Hello. Today will have good stories to tell. Regarding the story of her younger sister Papang being 6 months old at this time. Having always been in good health, never been ill, hot or having a runny nose. There was during the age of 4 months that was adopted by her granddaughter, Papang. Come to observe the symptoms of sleep, symptoms of fatigue while sleeping at night. Grandma therefore gave Maqui Plus juice half a cc. Every day, about 2 weeks in the morning. Until morning When I hit 5 and a half, I woke up because when my mother, grandmother, grandmother, Papang, was in the stomach, she drank Maqui Plus. Algae Calcium-D juice every day, began to eat from the stomach for 5 months.
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