Diabetes (Mr.Hennig (Denmark))
Cancer (Khun Maysa)
Sleep (Khun Eaktanat Rachpromma)
Cancer (Khun Wilaiporn)
Parkinson's disease (Khun Aree Thongbumphen)
General Health Pains (Khun Pympan)
Diabetes (Khun Katatep Kongsakda)
General Health Pains (Khun Art)
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  Health Case:
Miss Jassy, 10, has been allergic since birth. It is very hard to find a doctor to take medicine. When sleeping, there will be a shaking sound. Breathing out in the morning, there will be a runny nose throughout. Aunt Lisa recommends drinking Maqui Plus water. The first week I felt the morning without sneezing. I now have a second bottle. It is much better. My younger sister is very happy. Therefore apply to become a member and recommend friends. Thank you Maqui Plus and the company unilever.
Cr.Khun Lisa
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