Cardiovascular (Khun Tak)
Allergy,Sleep (Khun Wongdien)
Cancer (Khun Thanadit)
Allergy,General Health Pains (Miss Pa Pang )
Cystitis (Khun Tik)
Liver (Khun Ting)
Blood problems (Khun Gym)
Acid reflux (Khun Boonchu)
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Mrs. Khan Chatwilai, 64 years old
In 2014, Mrs. Khan fell ill with liver cancer. The cause of the famous fermented water. Until causing cirrhosis And eventually spread to liver cancer. Which the doctor will treat by surgery, but fear From alternative medicine instead. Later, the niece, who is a nurse in the project, was advised to drink Maqui Plus. From a mission to go to the mountains when drinking Maqui Plus and then impressed Mrs. Khan to try. After drinking Maqui Plus when visiting the doctor once again. From the health examination, it was found that the platelets, which were low to just about 60,000, had risen to 120,000. Amid the surprise of the medical practitioner. Today, Mrs. Khan has a skin that looks very bright. It is unbelievable that this is the fourth stage of liver cancer.
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