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  Health Case:
 Fatty liver
Mr. Tan Pitaksit Nareenuch., The owner of Yingcharoen Transport and Transport Company In Mukdahan province Went for a health check to find that it was fatty liver.
The results showed a high liver value 121. Drink Maqui Plus with Roxburghii Plus. And Lifesential, which is a King of Antioxidants set, for 1 month. Repeated for only 2 months. Liver rate reduced to 94. Mr.Tan thank you to Maqui Plus and Roxburghii Plus.
That helps to reduce the liver's value continuously And Nong also suggested to tell others.
Cr.Mr.Tan Pitaksit

The result is a personal experience.
# Maki Plus, clean blood, strong liver.
#Life sensation cells are strong, healthy body.
# Roxburghie Plus is not old, does not deteriorate, protects telomeres.
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