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  Health Case:
 Myoma Uteri  Pregnancy
Hello Mom and everyone who wants to be a mother.

I married slowly. Getting married at the age of 34. Having a baby is difficult. Until 38 years old. See a doctor to plan to dissect the lump in the womb. There are 3 large pieces together 7 cm.
With fear of surgery. Together with knowing Maqui plus for a while. Therefore concentrate on drinking in the morning 50 ml. In the evening 50 ml. Drink continuously Until it appears that the lump has collapsed about 2 cm above

The doctor asked if the appointment was cut, either dissecting or not. (Decided not to dissect the lump) because I still want to give birth to my child. And intends to drink Maqui plus intensely and seriously. Intense until 6 months have passed. The good news came to check the pregnancy up to 2 matches.
I'm very happy. We have been waiting for our children for 6 years.

But not just ending at the stomach
When pregnant, the doctor checked the blood and told us that Your child's opportunity Risking Down Dome 1: 4 people (very risky) listen, so the husband sat down in tears
But I am very confident with Maqui plus.
Father believes mom Our children are strong. Our children are 3: 4 who are strong and very intelligent. Trust the mother. She takes care of herself.
Good water drilling performance
And most importantly, Maqui plus does not just help take care of your healthy fetus alone.
My 40-year-old pregnant mother is very strong, natural childbirth, the wound heals quickly, the skin is flaky.
Besides, the babies that the mothers drink Maqui plus as they talk. Everyone will be a child friendly, good-humored. Why? Because of how strong your body is
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